Anthony Delon 1985


I am able to make concessions to others but not to me. This brand was alive in 1985 and today it is ready to be reborn from it’s ashes. It’s source it is what makes you stir. An era, movies, heroes in the flesh somethings else that come straight from some director’s imagination, nature, green spaces that recharge my batteries and make me contemplative or meditative. This collection reflects what I love, my ambivalence, my love for life and my distrust for death. It tally with a vital need to create that i have had deep inside me since forever.

1985 was the year of my first collection. It had a huge success and yet it stopped suddenly and a feeling that there was much more to achieve came over my mind. Leather and Movies have always been my passions ! Leather is a noble material, sensual and manly, that goes through life with you without aging. It’s smell is unique, it’s touch is beyond compare, for me it is a material that arouses my senses. This new collection is really me. I’ve always designed my dream jacket since 25 years witch means perfection to me.

My jackets are the reflexion of my soul, of moments of my live that i used lo love or that used to make me dream. A gold periode with strong values that as of today I feel like as if have lost it. The past is not my present, i totally enjoy my life and on a daily basis, i am trying my best to live each moment to the full, to look at the bright side of things and to be happy with what life gives me.

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